Who we are :

Delicious Living Nutrition, Inc. is a private practice offering nutrition counseling throughout Cape Cod and the Islands. Our practice is comprised of experienced Registered Dietitians who provide medical nutrition therapy for various health issues and concerns, specializing in gastrointestinal issues, food allergies/intolerances, heart disease, diabetes and disease prevention. 

Dianna and Nicole

What we offer :

At Delicious Living Nutrition we work with our clients to develop an individualized nutrition plan that best addresses their specific nutrition needs and health goals. We combine science based knowledge with holistic counseling techniques to create a customized “nutrition practice” based on each client’s unique medical history, current health status and lifestyle. 

Rather than following fad diets or popularized and misleading nutrition techniques, we work with our client’s to increase their knowledge of and relationship with food. Popular diets simply fail in truly supporting us to build better relationships with food and, in many cases, destroy the good relationships we should have. Through nutritional counseling we help each client develop a balanced relationship with food and improve their consumer confidence in order to address their specific health goals with creativity and scientific knowledge. 

The transition to a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting, at Delicious Living Nutrition, Inc. we are dedicated to inspire each client to connect to and create positive relationships with healthier food choices. Each client will receive personalized support and education that will empower them to be more informed and confident in taking control of their health needs.

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