Healthy Additions

Art Therapy & Yoga with Sara Moran

Sara is a board certified Art Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, and registered yoga teacher. She believes in the inherent ability of all humans to health, with emphasis on fostering resiliency and engaging in self-expression. She hopes to share her passion with you, in a safe environment of compassion and healing.

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Personal Training & Yoga with Natasha Varney

Natasha is a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. She creates individualized health & fitness programs for her clients, and creates custom small group classes for groups (2-10) people. She believes that mother nature provides the best fitness facility and instructs most of her classes & clients outside.

You can email Natasha directly at:


Susie is a Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Professional Organic Gardener, Yoga Practitioner, Beekeeper, Guide to the Holy City of Varanasi, India, and a Mental Health Therapist with a Bachelors degree in Social Psychology. Her passion is connecting people to the inherent resiliency in all of us, with the mirror and allies of plants and the elements of nature, helping create balance and harmony within. Susie believes we are ecological organisms evolving alongside the Plant Kingdom, forming one big network of health through unity and that we function best while working together.

You can email Susie directly at: