Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN

Nicole Cormier is a Registered Dietitian, local food enthusiast, author, blogger and farmer-in-training. She indulges her passion for nutrition and local foods on beautiful Cape Cod through her nutrition counseling business, Delicious Living Nutrition, through partnership in a cold-pressed juice company, The Local Juice and nature-based retreat collaborative, Project Woods. Underlying everything she does is the concept of sustainability. This is an essential aspect of how she helps clients discover new foods and ways of cooking to put them on a path to health, as well as her own health.

Nicole is passionate about teaching people to play an active role in improving their whole health by developing new relationships with food. Connecting people directly with farmers and helping them understand and embrace their food sources is an integral part of her business.

By focusing on sharing knowledge and empowering people with this through her work, she makes a major impact on her clients, community, and the broader public. She continues to educate her community about health and the local food movement through several publications (Nutrition from the Ground Up JournalEverything Guide to Nutrition, $5 a Meal Vegetarian College Cookbook, and 201 Organic Smoothies and Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy).

Nicole has created a holistic business and lifestyle where work doesn’t feel like work, and she strives to share this mindset with others. Crucial to making this a possibility is the idea of mindfulness. This allows her to stimulate her creative process and intuitively design programs, recipes and projects to help her clients. She loves tapping into this mindset through outdoor activities such as gardening, kayaking, walking her dog Tanka, fishing or just sitting outside with a cup of tea.

Yoga has been influential to Nicole in teaching mindfulness, as well as the process of journaling. Through journaling, Nicole is able to track her successes, take on life’s challenges, set goals, understand her own eating patterns, practice mindfulness and lay out to-do lists to keep herself organized. She believes it is an essential tool for finding balance and encourages all of her clients to maintain their own journal.