We offer employee wellness programs, training for health professionals, mentoring for nutrition students & dietitians and sustainable recipe development that will bring a new perspective on health.

Wellness Programs: Our wellness programs include farmers’ market & grocery store tours, intuitive eating workshops, nutrition presentations, and cooking classes. Programs are developed on a 1-on-1 basis to ensure we are providing experiences that best fit your group.

Consulting: Consulting for restaurants, food products, recipes, cookbooks is offered at an hourly rate.

Mentoring: Mentoring for nutrition students and dietitians are offered at an hourly rate.

Trainings: Trainings for health professionals include weight discussions, intuitive eating, tools for clients/patients, and resources.


“It was an exciting and educational summer to be a part of all these components; in addition to being empowered to realize that one person can do so many different things when working as part of a network within a supportive community and when constantly being inspired by others’ energy and goals.”

“Nicole’s passion is undeniable.  My supervisor strives to connect people to their food and by doing so she also connects consumers to their hometowns, their local farmers, businesses, artists, and to the very environment that is fueling their daily lives.”

“I think the result is a very clear success—my supervisor has gained long-term clients, customers, business partners, and friends that incorporate her work into their lifestyles.”

“We ought to think of the relationship between a local business and the surrounding community as a reciprocal thing—when the business aims to support its community then that community can help ensure the business’s continuing success by taking part, both economically and socially.  This idea very much falls in line with the experience I have had [with Nicole] this summer.”

“I find it incredibly empowering to know that a young woman has been so successful and happy by working with other strong partners (mostly other women), helping others in her community, and contributing to the alternative food system.  I am so happy that I was able to be a part of this network and community and truly hope to do something in my future like Nicole is doing now.”