Homemade Soup

The best thing about soup is its ability to make creativity flourish and nourish. Our neighbors, Chris and Justin, who invited Jim and I over for soup night and crafts, taught us that you don’t need to plan a menu for guests. You can actually create it together, not knowing what it is going to turn into. You can each give your input on what the next item should be.

It was one of those weeks where I picked up some random produce, including mushrooms and bean sprouts. I had extra Swiss Chard from Farm Fare Market and frozen roasted chicken from the Farm Brunch, including legs and wings.

Then came, boiling the chicken in about 8 – 10 cups of water, until chicken broth is created. Strain broth and pulled chicken meat to

then add to the broth. I added the chard to mushrooms to cook until the chard was bright green. Then, invited the sprouts and 1-2 TB of ginger for crunch and flavor. The last step was topping it off with some fresh parsley from Bay End Farm.

Yours in good health,