Summer Internship

We accept four interns each summer to work on various projects.

Our internship gives students experience in several areas, including

nutrition counseling, food service, nutrition communication, social media,

Internshipblogging and community nutrition.

Interested In this Internship?
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Enrollment for Summer 2018 will open in January.


What do students say about interning with Delicious Living Nutrition?

“It was an exciting and educational summer to be a part of all these components; in addition to being empowered to realize that one person can do so many different things when working as part of a network within a supportive community and when constantly being inspired by others’ energy and goals.”


“I was able to experience the effectiveness of creating a business with a diverse network of ideas and partners, as a way to form a niche and support a community rather than working in isolation.”


“Nicole has effectively incorporated the idea of integrated and civic agriculture into her business model—allowing for, and encouraging, networking and community building rather than the very fragmented, isolated, and dehumanized conventional food system that many of us are so used to.”


“Nicole’s passion is undeniable.  My supervisor strives to connect people to their food and by doing so she also connects consumers to their hometowns, their local farmers, businesses, artists, and to the very environment that is fueling their daily lives.”


“I think the result is a very clear success—my supervisor has gained long-term clients, customers, business partners, and friends that incorporate her work into their lifestyles.”


“Nicole is a registered dietitian, she believes there is much more to whole body health than solely counting calories, but instead it is about understanding your body’s needs, the foods you consume, and creating a healthy and happy relationship between the two.”


“I really value the fact that Nicole welcomes suggestions and advice in order to make her business and many projects the best they can be and I think this is an important part of working in a team.”


“We ought to think of the relationship between a local business and the surrounding community as a reciprocal thing—when the business aims to support its community then that community can help ensure the business’s continuing success by taking part, both economically and socially.  This idea very much falls in line with the experience I have had at Farm Fare Market this summer.”


“I truly believe that Nicole’s success arises from the passion and energy that she puts into her work.”


“I find it incredibly empowering to know that a young woman has been so successful and happy by working with other strong partners (mostly other women), helping others in her community, and contributing to the alternative food system.  I am so happy that I was able to be a part of this network and community and truly hope to do something in my future like Nicole is doing now.”