Dietetic Internship 

About the Internship

Thank you for your interest in the Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship. Please note that our program only accepts applications for the 2019 Fall match for a January 2020 start.

We are excited to offer a unique and innovative education-based program, designed to meet the interests of a group of dynamic, inspiring individuals seeking to become Registered Dietitians. Interns accepted into our dietetic internship will complete their supervised practice requirements in and surrounding beautiful Cape Cod & the Islands in Massachusetts.

The Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship will provide the supervised practice hours necessary to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist  for those that have completed the necessary didactic course requirements, and have bachelor’s degree or have completed a DPD program. We offer rotation experiences in the areas of clinical nutrition, food service, community nutrition, and management with a focused concentration in Dietetics in Agriculture.

Following acceptance into the program, interns are required to attend a 3-day Orientation as well as complete a set of on-line modules/class days designed to review and reinforce didactic learning. Supervised rotations will begin the Monday following orientation. 

The Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship has been granted Candidacy for Accreditation status by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

ACEND Contact Information:
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Accreditation and Education Programs Team
120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190
Chicago, IL 60606-6995
Telephone: (312) 899- 0040 ext. 5400
Fax: 312-899-4817

Program Mission

The mission of the Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship is to prepare highly qualified entry level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists for careers in the field of nutrition and dietetics. We will prepare our interns to become dietitians capable of integrating agricultural and sustainable food systems into dietetic practice in clinical, food service, and community settings. As dietitians our interns will be capable of providing innovative, research-based interventions and programs which will improve the meal patterns and food choices of various populations. Additionally, it is our mission to provide our interns with a breadth of knowledge, hands-on experience and mentorship that will enable them, as dietitians, to pursue leadership roles that seek to improve the health of individuals, families, communities and the sustainability of food systems.

Program Goals & Outcomes

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: To prepare highly competent and well-rounded, entry-level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

  • Goal 2: To prepare entry-level dietitians to pursue and participate in continuous learning activities, professional development opportunities and leadership roles within the emerging trends in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Program Outcome Measures

Program Goal #1 Outcome Measures:

  • At least 80% of program interns complete program/degree requirements within 15 months (150% of the program length).

  • 80% of program graduates take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion.

  • The program’s one-year pass rate (graduates who pass the registration exam within one year of first attempt) on the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists is at least 80%.

  • Of graduates who seek employment, 80% are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of program completion.

  • At least 80% of program graduates will rate themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with their training and preparation for their career.

Program Goal #2 Outcome Measures:

  • Each year, employers who hire our program graduates will be surveyed. Of those surveyed, at least 80 percent of graduates will be found to possess satisfactory to above satisfactory entry level knowledge and professional skills.

  • Over a five year period, 50% of program graduates will be a member of their local dietetic association and/or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Over a five year period, 50% of program graduates will have acquired a professional credential beyond the RD/RDN, and/or be enrolled in, or pursuing enrollment in further education.

Note: Program Outcome data is available upon request.

Program Completion Requirements

Interns must fulfill all rotation requirements within the established time frames. This includes: completion of all written and performance assignments and competencies to the satisfaction of the internship faculty within the allotted time period.

  • Completion of 1280 Planned Hours

  • Submission of all assignments required to fulfill competencies for each rotation (Clinical, Food Service, Community, Management and Dietetics in Agriculture).

  • Submission of all required Evaluation forms at the end of each rotation site including:

    • Intern Performance Evaluation Form

    • Preceptor Evaluation Form

    • Internship Program Evaluation Form

Verification Requirements

Verification of completion of the Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship will be given to all students who successfully complete the internship, including coursework and the supervised practice components of the program.

Program Overview

The Delicious Living Nutrition dietetic internship is a 10-month, full-time, non-degree program focused on Nutrition in Agriculture. This internship program has been approved for Candidacy for Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). The address and telephone number of ACEND is 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190, Chicago, IL 60606-6995. Telephone number: 312-899-0040.

  • A maximum of 6 dietetic interns are selected annually to start a 10 month dietetic internship on Cape Cod, MA. The DLN dietetic internship provides approximately 1200 hours of supervised practice which allows the dietetic intern to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to obtain a Certificate of Completion (Verification Statement) and sit for the national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). Additional information on the educational and professional requirements to become a Registered Dietitian can be found on ACEND’s websiteState licensure and state certification are entirely separate and distinct from registration or certification by the Commission of Dietetic Registration.

  • In order to graduate from the DLN Dietetic Internship, all interns must meet the following program requirements:

    • Comply with all the Policies and Procedures of the Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship

    • Complete the prescribed number of supervised practice hours (minimum of 1200 per current ACEND requirements/standards)

    • Successfully complete all required projects and assignments satisfactorily (receive at least a 3 out 4 on all evaluation assessments)

    • Demonstrate achievement of competence (score of 3 or above) in all competencies based upon the most current Internship Program (IP) Standards per ACEND as determined by the ratings on each Performance Evaluation Form.

    • Make a formal presentation to fellow interns, preceptors and internship program Staff as part of Journal Club assignment.

    • Attend all Class Days unless extenuating circumstances (as determined by the Associate Director of the Dietetic Internship) preclude attendance.

Note: If a student is having difficulty achieving any of the program requirements, a remedial course of action will be implemented to support the DI. The maximum amount of time a DI is allowed to complete the program requirements is 15 months (150% of the standard program length of 10 months).

Proposed Dietetic Internship Curriculum 2019

Clinical: 320 hours
Includes the following settings and courses: Morton Hospital, Cape Cod Healthcare, Delicious Living Nutrition, Emerald Physicians', Heatherwood Assisted Living, Kind Eating LLC, Eating Disorders Course, EN/PN Tube Feeding Course, TPN Course, Therapeutic Diets, Renal Course, Diabetes Course, Cardiac Course, Cancer Course, FODMAP Course, Gastrointestinal and Digestion Course, Celiac Course, Food and Mood Course, Functional Nutrition Course, Food Allergies Course, ADHD Nutrition Course.

Foodservice: 320 hours
Includes the following settings and courses: Hospital Food Service, School Lunch Programs, Farmers’ Market, Food Establishment, Heatherwood Assisted Living, Whole Food Cooking Course, Seasonal Cooking Class, Vegetarian Cooking Course, Vegan Cooking Course, Raw Food Course, Food Blog Course, Menu Planning Course, Yoga Retreat Food Preparation, Farm-to-Table Dinner Community Event, Community Supported Agriculture Program, Serve Safe Certification, Allergen Awareness Certification, Canning and Preserving Course.

Community: 320 hours
Includes the following settings and courses: Sustainable CAPE Non-Profit, Cape Wellness Collaborative Non-Profit, Emerald Physicians Employee Wellness Program and Community Education Programs and Events, Farmers’ Markets, WIC, Food Pantries, Library Programs, Mayflower Municipal Health Group, Mindful Eating Course, Fundraising Course, Community Cooking Class.

Management/Entrepreneurship: 80 hours
Includes the following settings and courses: Delicious Living Nutrition, The Local Juice, Farmers’ Market, Social Media Course, Nutrition Communications Course, Branding Course, Website Course, Medical Billing Course, Quickbooks Course, Private Practice Course, Food Photography Course, HAACP Course.

Agriculture in Dietetics: 200 hours
Surrey Farms, E & T Farms, Cape Cod Organic Farm, Hillside Farms, Edible Landscapes, Farmers’ Market, Island Grown Schools Non-Profit, Farming 101 Course, Benefits of Eating Local Course, Bee Course, Sustainable Eating Course, Soil Nutrition Conference, Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Conference, Northeastern Organic Farming Association Conference.

Class Days
Class Days will occur on Mondays each week during Clinical, Food Service, Community and Management rotations. Each week interns will meet at the DLNDI Office Conference Room or at a location with other New England area dietetic interns. Class days will consist of group projects, workshops, speaker series, etc. for the entirety of the day.

How To Apply

Application & Admission Requirements

To apply to a Dietetic Internship, applicants must complete at least a bachelor's degree and the ACEND-accredited coursework requirements (Didactic Program in Dietetics).

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Verification Statement: Students who have or will be completing a DPD program accredited by ACEND and will be receiving a DPD verification statement are eligible to participate in this program. An AND Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent Statement for the Didactic Program in Dietetics completed and signed by your Didactic Program Director. It will be submitted online electronically directly from your DPD Director. See DICAS for more information. Original Verification Statement will be required prior to beginning the program.

  • A 3.0 GPA is preferred.  GRE’s are not required when applying to this program.

  • A Personal Statement (1000 words or less) is required and should be submitted directly through DICAS.

  • Three Letters of Recommendation: When completing the DICAS application form, applicants must include the name and contact information (i.e. an email address) for each reference. This will trigger an email message requesting completion of a reference form. The form will be completed online by your references.

  • Official Transcripts are required by DICAS.

  • Current resume is required by DICAS.

  • Application Fee: The fees to applicants for use of DICAS is $45 to submit the first application and $20 for each additional application.

  • Supplemental Application: Please complete the Supplemental Application and mail a $30 supplemental application fee to: Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship, 11 Potter Avenue, Hyannis, MA 02601.

  • NOTE: At this time this program does not have a policy in place to grant credit for supervised practice hours or direct assessment of interns’ prior learning education, experience or competence. 

Application Process

  1. Our program uses the online centralized internship application, DICAS: For questions please email:  There is a fee to use DICAS. Applicants must participate in the online centralized internship application system (DICAS), which may be found at The complete online application packet must be submitted by the application deadline.

  2. A completed application packet includes the standard application form, personal statement in business letter format, all transcripts, current resume, and 3 letter of reference (either 2 professors and 1 work/volunteer supervisor, or 1 professor and 2 work/volunteer supervisors)

  3. Applicants must also register for Computer Matching at, D&D Digital Systems, 3100 South Riverside Drive, Ames, IA 50010, (515) 292-0490,, and register his/her internship priority choices by the same deadline.

  4. In addition to the DICAS and D&D Digital application fee, a non-refundable $30 internship application fee is required by the Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship.

  5. Application deadline: Applications must be submitted via DICAS by 11:59 pm Central Time on September 25, 2019.

Financial Information

Internship Costs

Tuition fee: $12,000 per intern. A $1,000 deposit is due upon acceptance to the program. Payment plans are available upon request.

Housing: It is the responsibility of the intern to acquire housing within the area of the dietetic internship for the duration of the internship program. On average a rental in/near the Hyannis, MA area ranges from $800-$1,200/month.

Transportation: The intern will need to acquire their own form of transportation to get to and from rotation sites and class days as public transportation is limited in all areas of Cape Cod & the Islands.

Health Insurance: It is a requirement in the state of Massachusetts to have personal health insurance coverage. If you do not have health insurance or if you are not covered by another carriers insurance plan please apply for the state’s health plan via MassHealth Connector. Plans range in price from $50-$170/month.

Liability Insurance: It is the responsibility of each intern to purchase Individual Malpractice Liability insurance and submit a copy of it to Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship either via email or standard mail prior to starting the internship.

Drug Screen & Background Check: All interns must successfully pass a drug screening test and criminal background check prior to the internship start date.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership: It is the responsibility of the intern to acquire and pay for active student membership. The annual fee $58/year. To sign up for student membership and for additional information on AND Membership please visit their website.

Loan Deferment & Financial Assistance

We are able to provide documentation of economic hardship to defer student loans. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Scholarship links for financial assistance can be found at:

Dietetic Internship FAQ's

Supplemental Application

Please complete a "Statement of Interest" listed below and mail a nonrefundable $30 fee payable to: Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship.

Please mail a check or money order to:

Delicious Living Nutrition
11 Potter Avenue, Hyannis, MA, 02601

Statement of Interest Form

In 1500 words or less please describe why you are you interested in the Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship program.

Both the supplemental application statement of interest and application payment fee must be received by Delicious Living Nutrition Dietetic Internship by: September 25, 2019.