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Make Your Own Sauerkraut

June 5, 2016

It may take several weeks but the process is simple and the final product is well worth the wait. Sauerkraut is just fermented or “soured” cabbage that can be made right at home.

First off, collect the following items:

-a fermenting crock
-a head (or more!) of cabbage
-water (about 6 cups)
-kosher salt (about 2-3 TB)

First, heat 6 cups of water and 1 TB of salt until dissolved and then remove from heat.  This will be used later.

Now start with peeling the outside 3-6 layers of the cabbage and hang on to them for later use.

cabbage leaves

Now, layer the bottom of your crock with 2-3 of leaves.

cabbage lining

Next, chop the head of cabbage into skinny slices, adding salt as you put handfuls in the bowl.

cabbage, sliced

Begin filling up the crock with the shredded cabbage until it reaches the top.


Then, place a few whole leaves of cabbage on top of the shredded layer.

cabbage, topped

And gently place the weights on top of that.


Allow this to sit for a few hours and some of the natural water from the cabbage should rise. If necessary, add some of the cooled salt water until the top of the cabbage is submerged 1-3 inches. Then cover with the lid and add the brine to the sealing rim around the cover to prevent oxygen from getting in a creating mold.
crock, sealed

Now you wait! Keep the crock in a warm area (68-72 degrees) for the first couple days and then move it to a cooler area (59-64 degrees) for the rest of the 2 weeks. Be sure to add the salt water mixture to the seal when it runs low.  After 2 weeks you can open the crock to skim off any layer of mold or bubbles (don’t worry, it’s natural) and add more salt water mixture to the original level.  Close the crock up, add to the seal, and wait another 2-4 weeks until there are very few bubbles- the longer you wait, the stronger the sauerkraut gets!


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