Nutrition Therapy

Heal. Nourish. Experience Health.

We combine evidence-based knowledge, functional nutrition and intuitive eating with nutrition therapy to curate a “nutrition practice” based on:

  • Your comprehensive health and medical history

  • Your assessment of past and current symptoms

  • Your intuition as the expert of your body

  • Our expertise as registered dietitians

We also specialize in IBS/gut health, food allergies/intolerance’s, autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto’s, infertility, cancer prevention/recovery, heart disease, diabetes and eating disorders.



Our philosophy for improving your wellbeing focuses on practicing a health-centered perspective versus a diet mentality. We will also get to the root causes of your health status.

  1. Practicing intuitive nutrition is the process of learning to listen to your body by cultivating awareness of its needs, creating a sustainable relationship with food, and making mindful choices that support your optimal health.

  2. Nourish and heal yourself with whole foods and functional nutrition. Learn how to incorporate more immune-boosting foods that will support your digestion. We will give you the tools for incorporating more nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods into your meals that will nourish and heal your body, as well as maintain a healthy relationship with food.  Including journaling tools, meal meditation practices and much more that can support your journey.

  3. Understand the fundamentals of nutrition and how to assemble wholesome ingredients to curate nutritionally-dense meals. We will implement formulas to fulfill your nutritional needs and create balance within your daily practice. You’ll receive a sustainable meal plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule. We will also highlight the benefits of incorporating local food sources, as well as provide seasonal and local food experience.

  4. Exploring your relationships with food and emotions. Tap into your relationships to food and learn more about how it distracts you from life and connecting with others. Learn how to focus on feelings instead of mindless food decisions. Connect your own realizations and how to help be kind to yourself as you continue forward.

  5. Transform your pantry and stock it with everything you need to make intutive eating a daily practice. A nutrient-dense, well-stocked pantry is a must for a healthy lifestyle; it will support you to cook intuitively.   

  6. Using local ingredients in your pantry to create new meals can be exciting, creative and help you achieve your goals without waste. Choose your vegetables, grain and protein. This approach encourages you to practice creating your own simple meals without following recipes.


Things I learned: (1) Take the eating plan just one day at a time; don’t worry about how you will  handle tomorrow’s challenges just stay focused on the present. (2) The vacation is not about the food treats, but about the water, family, and fun! (3) Having the American Chop Suey already  cooked and available to me was a real bonus to success. (4) Vacation or hectic unexpected weeks are not an excuse for not eating nutritiously. Thank you again; because of your efforts/skills and belief in me, I was able for the first time in a long time to actually feel optimistic that I will get my eating and exercise groove back again and in harmony with each other, even on VACATION! -Sandy

I got my report back from the doctor on my cholesterol and it was way down. He did say that it was a lot and so I don’t need to come see him anymore or need any medication. -Jim

Just wanted to say thanks! You helped me a lot yesterday and made the process seem less  painful. Your mannerism is great because of your positive approach and taking action rather  than dwelling on what was not done. You did not allow me to beat up on myself.